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Easy drinking Scotch whisky for anyone new to it

We were approached recently by two people who were looking to begin their journey into Scottish whisky. This set us thinking, where would you actually begin if you were looking to sample some nice whisky that wouldn't be too strong or unappealing to a delicate and unaccustomed palate.
In comparison to vodka or gin which you can dilute with a soft drink, whisky is really on a different scale as the beauty of whisky is the reverence, time and passion which is taken to find the right flavours and level of alcohol. Of course whisky is generally drank by adding a little water which enhances the flavour or with an ice cube which does the same thing.

We could go into all the talk about flavours & flavour profiles but we won't.

These are just the first whisky's which immediately came to mind without any research.

  1. Monkey shoulder (yep, strange name)

  2. The Glenlivet Caribbean reserve

  3. Johnnie walker Red Label

  4. Highland Park 12 ( a hint of smoke in this one)

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